Soapatopia Car Wash

It’s time for a transfoamation.

Lincoln’s own high tech car wash.

Whether you go for a single wash or become a member, we pride ourselves in providing everyone an accessible, quality wash, every time. Our Fusion Powered Car Wash Tunnel uses six fusion levels to help you quickly say sayonara to bugs and grime (and doesn’t even ask for a tip). Get added protection with our CERAMIC X™ layering process, which bonds at the molecular level to form a durable shield that provides your vehicle with a longer lasting shine.

Our washes.

The first of its kind, our fusion powered wash provides a six-step process to let you customize the perfect clean for your car. Select one of four Soaptacular options that offer a combination of fusion bath, prime, rinse, seal, wax, and rain repel. It’s like an amusement park ride that leaves your car squeaky clean.

Soaptastic X

Our ultimate wash with a custom fusion clean and ceramic coating finish. We combine all the features of every wash for this out-of-the-world car wash of your dreams.

Soap Fusion

Get all the features of a Soaptacular wash plus customized fusion powered add-ons taking your wash to the next level.


A step up from our Simply Soap, this wash adds a triple shine foam and an underbody flush.

Simply Soap

All washes come with free vacuums, premium towels, and are conveniently close to U-Stop.

Our memberships.

As a member, you’ll enjoy getting your car washed as often as you like.

Rinse & Dry
Free Vacuums
Underbody Flush
Triple Shine Foam
Fusion Bath
Fusion Prime
Fusion Seal
Fusion Wax
Fusion Run Repel
Wheel Cleaner
Tire Shine
Fusion Rinse
3-Step Ceramic Coating

Join the team.

Calling all clean freaks and gear heads (and everyone who wants to love where they work) to become a part of our soaptacular team!

Want more infoamation?

We’re ready to answer! Contact us with your questions, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.