Vehicle Restrictions.

Follow this infoamation for the fastest way to ensure your car, van or truck can get soaped up and sent off on a shiny new adventure!


A Tunnel Wash Experience

Stop by our 73rd and Pine Lake and our W Denton Rd. locations for our fully customizable experience with attendant power spraying to start every wash. We want every car on the planet to have our soaptacular fusion-powered car wash, but some cars don’t fit! Our car wash uses a tire conveyor system, so if your tires are too big, or you have a dually, you simply can’t fit. (But we still love you!) Our vehicle limitation infoamation is provided below, so you know exactly if your car is ready to go get its best clean yet.

Size Matters.

Soapatopia Express

Drive in, park, and let the wash do the rest!


Our wash is extremly safe, but we are not responsible for:

  • Non-factory items
  • Side mirrors

  • Wipers
  • Bug guards
  • Loose moldings
  • Running boards
  • Light bars

  • Antennas
  • Hood ornaments
  • Ladder/luggage racks

  • Prior damage

  • Spare tire covers

  • Low profile rims/tires
  • High/low vehicle clearance

  • Chipped or loose paint

Soapatopia Membership.

Soapatopia Memberships are for our two Soapatopia locations at 73rd and Pine Lake and W Amaranth Ln, Denton Rd. Memberships and gift cards may be purchased online or at either of our Soapatopia locations.
Soapatopia Express

Express Wash.

Express washes can be purchased at any U-Stop Car Wash Express locations, at your fueling dispenser or inside the store. Express gift cards can also be purchased at all U-Stop Car Wash Express locations. All Express Car Wash codes are good for 7 days.